Welcome to the largest Blood Donors portal for the UAE. Official launch on 21 June 2015
  • About this Initiative


    As I pen this, I can sense a genuine feeling of satisfaction, having been able to develop a the first web portal for Blood donors in the UAE and the biggest repository of UAE blood donors on the web with more than 25 nationalities enrolled to donate blood in times of need which has helped many a people in urgent need of blood. I am glad that the surge of enthusiasm and commitment which has compelled me to start off this project was ably taken up, supported and complemented by many. This new initiative - a similar portal for India has features scaled up to match the donor base and the requirements in India.

    The initial seeds were sown when I was in UAE as an Indian diplomat three years ago. As a doctor who has seen the importance of blood donation very closely a decade back before shifting professions, I knew that my knowledge in medicine would still definitely come handy; yet I was quite apprehensive about developing this web portal, given the hectic work schedule. 

    This web portal for blood donors in India is conceptualized and developed as a comprehensive portal for the blood donors in India. Not only does it help one search and identify persons with the required blood group from any State / District / Pin code, it is made informative with a lot of articles, videos and games on blood donation. One of the notable aspects of this portal is that it offers an integrated platform for Associations / Organisations who regularly take up blood donation drives granting them autonomy to manage their members while making this a large online repository of  blood donors in India  -- all for free and free for all.

    I have to sincerely thank the my mentors in the CBEC, Govt of India esp the Chairperson Ms. Vanaja Sarna and Bpard Member Shri S Ramesh who have enthusiastically encouraged and complemented me in this endeavour.

    Now that this initiative is launched and dedicated to the people of this great nation, the benefit to be reaped is a function of how best you will put this to use. I would be extremely happy and satisfied even if it becomes a catalyst to save even a single life... because every single life is precious.                   

    The Gift of Blood is the Gift of Life !!


                           Let the journey begin....

    Best Wishes

    Dr. T. Tiju