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  • Importance of Blood donation

    Blood is vital for life and there is no substitute for human blood. The rapid growth in blood demand is proportionate to the fast growing population of the UAE and its growing healthcare facilities. There is an ongoing need for blood because of many reasons like surgery, trauma, accidents or diseases like thalasssemia and some forms of cancer, and more importantly it must be met every day. Many a times, the demand for blood is much higher than the collections. The seasonal blood shortage occurs in the holy month of Ramadan and through the summer holidays and the requirement is sometimes very critical to sustain life.

    An adequate and reliable supply of safe blood can be assured by a stable base of regular, voluntary, unpaid blood donors. Regular, voluntary, unpaid blood donors are also the safest group of donors as the prevalence of bloodborne infections is lowest among these donors.

    In general, one in three people will require transfusion of blood or blood products at least once in their life time; but only one in thirty people donate blood. Blood cannot be manufactured, It hasonly be given by generous donors like you and me. One pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!

    This becomes all the more important when it comes to an immediate demand for rare blood groups. One may be left hunting for such donors at a very crucial situation in life.  That is where identification of the potential donors and quick response from willing people is very important.

                                                             The Gift of Blood is the Gift of Life !!

    Watch Dr Margaret Chan, the Director General of World Health Organisation (WHO) speak on the World Blood Donor Day 2013

Dr Tiju Thomas  |  2015-08-14 06:04:33 |  237 Views
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