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  • Tips for a successful Blood donation

    Some helpful tips to blood donors esp if you are donating blood the first time:

    • Have a good meal ( preferably avoid high fat ) and plenty of liquids ( at least 500 ml ) before donating blood.
    • Donot consume alcohol within 24 hours prior to blood donation.
    • Wear comfortable clothing, avoid very tight wear.
    • After you're done, drink lots of fruit juices and eat a light snack with a high sugar content to get that blood sugar back up.
    • Rest in the medical center for a few minutes enjoying your snack before leaving, especially if you are feeling lightheaded or faint.
    • Please do not drive yourself back.
    • Drink a lot of water, and keep lunch / dinner after donating blood rich in proteins. These things help your body making fresh blood for you soon.
Dr Tiju Thomas  |  2015-08-14 09:59:03 |  165 Views