Welcome to the largest Blood Donors portal for the UAE. Official launch on 21 June 2015
  • How the site works


    This website is conceptualised and designed as a comprehensive portal for the blood donors in India. This will be the biggest portal for Blood Donors in India incorporated with user friendly functionalities which include:



    Robust and efficient Search facility:

    This portal helps you identify the potential donors of all blood groups including the rare ones and that too nearest to your home. Simply enter your required blood group, choose the emirate and sift through the results. The results will show the persons having the blood group you are looking for, their location, age, mobile number and the person's last donated date. You can send an email or give a call on their mobile. This site is designed to make your difficult situation much simpler.



    Articles, Videos, Tips and even Games:

    A lot of extremely informative articles on blood donation right from the tips and the procedures to the responses of the World Health Organisation have been added on the site interspersed with illustrations, images and videos. It also has a Game where one can match the donor and the recipient, thereby engraining the concepts deep into the minds of even a common man.



    An easier platform for Organisations / Associations:

    This portal also serves as a centralised online repository of blood donors in India. It is an integrated platform for Associations and Organisations who regularly take up blood donation drives. The organisation can register members on the portal under their banner and the moderator of the organisation will be able to view their members, take print outs, send regular group emails to the members informing about various news / events, upload photos and details. Read More



    Search Donors facility on your own website:


    This portal also can add value to your own website by offering a free search of blood donors from your own site! Just add a few lines of code we provide on your website and your visitors will soon be able to search for blood donors from your own site!



    Spread the word around :


    Pass on / Like / Share / Use 'Tell a friend' facility to disseminate the details about the portal to your friends and relatives so that more and more people benefit out of this initiative.

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